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Welcome Kings HealthMart Pharmacy
Your Problem-Solving Pharmacy


At Kings Pharmacy we are at your service with a friendly familiar face whether you need an over the counter item, one prescription filled or a profile consisting of multiple prescription medications. We specialize in helping people with Complex Medication Regimens. Working with your doctors we’ll provide medication scheduling and reminders to increase adherence and therefore the effectiveness of your overall treatment.


In addition to our traditional full service pharmacy we have a state of the art compounding lab where we create products that are customized to fit your needs, because every patient is unique. Whether you require medicine that is commercially unavailable, discontinued or backordered, Kings Pharmacy in Boynton Beach can meet your needs. If you have medication problems, we can help find a solution.


What sets us apart?


       • We are a locally owned independent pharmacy

       • Quick and efficient prescription services
       • My Dose Alert

       • Refill reminder program
       • Prescription refill sync program-help decrease frequent trips to the pharmacy
       • Disease management with education and the tools you need to improve your wellness




A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.